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Ruralia was established in November 25, 1998, cultural association, non-profit organization, which aims to promote the study and preservation of rural traditional architecture and its landscape. The problem of recovery this heritage becomes more urgent day by day.

The abandonment of historic farm buildings is a phenomenon in continuous increase and the indiscriminate use of standardized industry materials is reflected in a gradual flattening of building types and the consequent impairment of the agricultural landscape.

This general framework, addition to loss important historical and cultural background importance, is likely to pay off even a special knowledge and practical crafts, typically local, linked to traditional materials and special construction techniques.

To work on existing assets properly, both technically and historically, socially and economically, it is essential to consider all the factors that might have on the choices to be taken, and jeopardize the final success and its impact.

Ruralia was created to address these issues, propose an approach to multi-specialized recover, able to take into account the needs of building, landscape, environment and human beings, so that rural heritage can go back to being a life and productivity place.

The Association is based in the Department of its pro-tempore president.
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