Practical solutions for the food paradoxes.

Milan Protocol

Paolo De Castro

Paolo De Castro

It is with great enthusiasm that I extend my full support to this initiative to develop a Milan Protocol on Food and Nutrition, and that I join you on the path to Expo Milano 2015.

I am absolutely convinced that only a strong, bottom-up movement, able to gather the broadest possible consensus, could awake the collective consciousness on the grave paradoxes of the global agro-food system.

An international Protocol that puts forth concrete commitments against the waste of food and natural resources and against hunger and obesity, manifests the right level of ambition needed to face challenges of such scale.

Therefore, I send my sincere wishes for success to all citizens and institutions that will decide to commit themselves to developing the content of the Protocol. I will also contribute within the European Parliament, drawing the attention of the EU institutions to the Protocol and its community of supporters.

My devotion to this project intertwines with my engagement as regards the participation of the EU at Expo 2015. To this end, I am establishing together with other colleagues from the European Parliament, the Commission, and private sector and civil society representatives, a steering committee to propose ideas and content for the EU pavilion at the Expo. The Protocol will naturally feed into this process. The road towards the Milan Protocol is long, but it is undoubtedly the right one for the wellbeing of people and the planet.
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