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Milan Protocol

Ospedale Sacco

Ospedale Sacco

Hospital - University Campus - Luigi Sacco Hospital of Milan due to its proximity to the Expo is one of the reference hospitals in Milan for EXPO 2015. The Unit of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition Sacco is a specialist team which deals with Clinical Nutrition in more levels, so we feel particularly affected by the EXPO 2015 theme "Feeding the Planet".
In recent years we have had a strong increase of patients from different countries, cultures and religions. Our working group has been open to this change, seeking a common scientific thought which, however, must adapt to the cultures, customs and religions of all peoples of the Planet.
Our goal for EXPO 2015 is the consolidation of the research area, prevention and care, nutrition education to the population, with a growing emphasis on multiculturalism and the development of a food model "sustainable" characterized by two essential elements : a low environmental impact and nutritional choices that are healthy for current and future generations.

Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition
Responsible:Fulvio Muzio

The Service of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition aims to prevent, diagnose and treat health problems related to food, ensuring that each patient intervention Nutritional effective based on the most current scientific evidences and to be a reference center and excellence for all areas related to the Clinical Nutrition.
The service operates across all fields of medicine that require specific nutritional interventions: from the treatment of overweight and obesity in the syndrome of metabolic, to physiological states and chronic conditions affecting nutrition (pregnancy, gastroenterological diseases, rheumatic, infectious, cancer, etc.).It's also active, in collaboration with the Psychiatry, an Outpatient Center for Prevention and Treatment of eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia nervosa, Binge-eating disorder).
No less important is the collaboration with the surgery in the treatment of severely obese at very high risk of clinical complications. The urgent need to reduce body weight has stimulated in recent years the study and application of clinical protocols based on Bariatric surgery, invasive but effective techniques.


Pad. 16 foreground - Internal bus stop M
Tel. 02 3904.2340 - Fax 02 3904.2946


Doctors: Anna Boggio, Elizabeth Piceci L.P.
Clinical dietitians:Carla Camerotto, Luisa Cioni, Paola Manfrin, Martina Semeraro, Marta Spinola, Consuelo Old
Interns and trainees:2 doctors, 2 clinical dietitians, 2 biologists Università degli Studi di Milano


- General surgery Dietetics
- Visits and nutritional rehabilitation group (General Dietetics and DCA)
- Specialist clinics including: outpatient diseases of nutrition for the treatment of obesity and other metabolic diseases (dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome, etc.).
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