Mauro Serafini

Prof. Mauro Serafini is the Head of the Functional Foods and Metabolic Stress Prevention Laboratory at CRA in Rome. He is visiting Professor at the faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology of Zagreb University. He teaches at the: Master of Phytotherapy, Siena University; Master in Obesity prevention, Faculty of Medicine, University La Sapienza on topics related to functional food and health. He got his degree in Nutrition in 1992 and received his PhD in Experimental Physiopathology, from the University of Pavia. He spent two years as postdoc at the Nutritional Immunology Lab at HNRC at Tufts University working on the role of vitamin E in immune function during ageing. He was Tenure of a grant of the Japan Society for Promotional of Sciences at Kyoto medical University, department of inflammation. Prof. Serafini has been included by Thomson Reuters in the list of international researchers displaying the greatest numbers of reports designated by Essential Science Indicators as Highly Cited Papers, ranking among the top 1% most cited for their subject field and year of publication (2002-2013). Serafini's research mission is unraveling the link between sustainable dietary behavior and metabolic health with focus on understanding the role of plant foods in modulating antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cell-mediated immune response in humans.

I confirm the importance and urgency of the goals proposed by the Milano Protocol. It is time to develop ecological nutrition-based strategies to counteract efficiently the development of obesity and the metabolic impairment leading to the development of a cluster of risk factors for degenerative diseases. The big challenge for the next future relies on the Increase of life quality with sustainable and scientifically proven functional and "ecological" foods for Human and Planet health. For this reason I endorse this initiative.
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