Practical solutions for the food paradoxes.

Milan Protocol

Mary Sue Milliken

Mary Sue Milliken

As a professional chef I have handled food every day for over three decades and observed the food industry change and grow in ways good and bad. I have deep concerns about the sustainability of our current food systems both local and global and I hope to lend my voice to the Milan Protocol and other movements with similar concerns. I hope to brainstorm solutions and raise awareness through media interaction, my Border Grill restaurants with 450 employees plus thousands of diners each year and my advocacy work with lawmakers and NGO's.

At Border Grill we are excited by the theme: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life as it relates to many of our core values and business practices. We serve only sustainable seafood, meats and poultry raised without hormones or antibiotics, organic rice and beans and an abundance of farmers market, locally grown vegetables. We are proud to offer a large selection of vegetarian options and dishes that fit into our 80/20 plan (at least 80% plant based with 20% or less protein). And we celebrate meatless Mondays with extra offerings to encourage and promote a plant centered diet in our community. We believe it is crucial to support an agricultural system that is moving away from the current protein heavy diet that is neither good for the planet nor good for our bodies.

Food waste is an issue I am particularly keen to address. From smaller restaurant portion sizes (with the option for additional helpings without charge), to sending excess prepared and raw foods to feed the needy, to teaching the art of shopping and cooking without waste. I am glad this is a topic being highlighted by the Milan Protocol. 1.3 billion pounds of food wasted throughout the world is unconscionable as well as unsustainable.

Chefs are in a unique position at this moment, we are respected, popular and trusted. With this comes an enormous responsibility to set the best example possible. Being a creative bunch we can teach the art of eating a seasonal, widely varied diet. Chefs promoting delicious and nutritious food that is sustainable will help make a healthy, global food system possible. But we need to educate ourselves and become familiar with the issues, then work together to come up with realistic solutions. As stated in the protocol, "Food is a right" – and I believe we all deserve not only to have it - but to enjoy it!

Enjoy upscale, modern Mexican food in a vibrant setting at Border Grill, the hip, urban cantina from Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, of Bravo's "Top Chef Masters" and Food Network's "Too Hot Tamales". Presenting the bold foods and flavors of Mexico, Border Grill has established a new standard for gourmet Mexican fare. With a menu of complex authentic dishes based on the home cooking of Oaxaca and the Yucatan, Border Grill takes Mexican food to a whole new level!
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