Practical solutions for the food paradoxes.

Milan Protocol



Madegus S.r.l. is the first spin-off company of the University of Parma which deals with nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and it's been created over years of experience and successful research on diet and human health performed at the University Department of Food Science born from the experience and research gained in many successful projects. Madegus was born in Parma, Italy, a city recognised all over the world for its fantastic food and, more recently, for hosting the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

We are a partner of the alliance (among Barilla SpA, the Parma City Council, The University and its University Sports Centre, the Regional Education Office and the Italian Olympic Committee) that gives life to the ambitious and innovative Giocampus project, which aims to bring nutrition and physical education to all primary schoolers in Parma.

We have created a new professional figure, the Master of Taste, an expert in nutritional education that conveys the key concepts of healthy diet and food culture to children through specifically developed games and experiments.

The educational method introduced by Madegus and by the Masters of Taste has been proven effective in many contexts. "We play at eating well" is the Master of Taste's motto, and it aims at conveying playful messages of healthy and environmentally sustainable dietary habits, perfectly fitting with the goals of the Milan Protocol.

We support the Milan Protocol because we firmly believe that the fair distribution of food and the choice of a lifestyle able to preserve both personal and environmental wellbeing could represent the way to a sustainable and peaceful coexistence of all peoples.
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