Climate change, water shortage, food-related health problems, land grabbing, pollution, malnutrition. These and other problems that affect our times don't belong just to the realm of ethics, but also - more and more - to the economic and strategic spheres. In fact, if not properly tackled they threaten to destabilize vast areas and entire populations, with huge human, financial and environmental costs. Hence the geopolitical relevance of these issues: their multifaceted nature require an interdisciplinary approach able to produce comprehensive answers.

Limes, Italian Review of Geopolitics, was born in 1993 and is now the leading publication in Italy in international affairs. Its editors in chief is Lucio Caracciolo. Limes is a 200-page monthly review. Every issue is dedicated to one topic, which is developed through news analysis, round tables, interviews. All the articles are provided with maps to explain what the different positions and territorial claims of all parties are. Limes does not support any political party in Italian domestic politics. It is aimed at providing elements to discuss the central issues of our times and of Italian international presence, from the Atlantic Alliance to the European Union, from the Mediterranean space to new policies towards eastern European countries, without neglecting Italian domestic problems. We organize debates, round tables and other initiatives throughout the country and sometimes abroad to present every new issue to the press and to the public opinion.
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