Kim M. Gans

I really appreciate this initiative and its aims. In particular, I am totally involved in the third commitment 'Eradicate Hunger and Fight Obesity'. I want to highlight the fact that in many developed countries, including the United States, we are facing not only the issue of obesity and over-nutrition, but food insecurity and hunger. Within my Institute at Brown University we are conducting interdisciplinary, empirical research to promote healthier behaviors and environments with a special attention on low income populations who are at higher risk for obesity and nutrition issues.

Dr. Gans has over 28 years of experience in intervention development and evaluation research in community-based settings to improve eating habits and prevent obesity. The majority of her research has been with ethnic minority, low income and/or low literate populations. Currently she is developing and evaluating interventions to improve home, work and neighborhood nutrition and physical activity environments and studying how these interventions interface with behavior change/educational interventions to enhance obesity prevention. Another emphasis of her research has been on innovative health communication technologies including theory-based tailored print and video interventions using computerized expert systems. Dr. Gans also conducts translational research to study the dissemination of effective nutrition and obesity prevention interventions to various community and clinical settings.
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