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Global Water Fund

Global Water Fund

The Global Water Fund is a leading Zurich-based advisory group working with a high-level network of Heads of State, Industry Leaders, Pension Funds, High Net Investors, Philanthropists and Leading Universities to address the world's water challenges.

Through its unique partnership platform, the Global Water Fund addresses national water strategies, strengthens institutional capacity, promotes regional water governance and mobilizes financial tools and technical resources for investment into national economies.

The Global Water Fund sources, develops and implements effective water technologies and invests or raises capital for new ventures.

The Global Water Fund creates public-private partnerships and addresses corporate and strategic investment opportunities for new and high-risk emerging markets.

The Founder and Managing Director of the Global Water Fund, an international boutique advisory group that helps navigate water strategies for the public and private sectors. The Global Water Fund serves as a platform for multi-stakeholders to address the increasing global problem of water management by seeking solutions in new technologies, financing and policies. The Global Water Fund also seeks to create an awareness of the world's water crisis through its Foundation.

Stella Thomas serves as a liaison to governments, international organizations, and business and civic groups on issues related to sustainable development and the environment. Through backgrounds in water, diplomacy and international relations, Ms Thomas consults on global water and climate issues, and advises governments and industry leaders on environmental, health, economic, political, and social risks related to water. She is also the author of many publications on water and sustainable development and frequently lectures to organizations around the world. She has been involved with the following organizations: U.S. Congress, United Nations, NATO, European Space Agency, UNESCO, United Nations Development Program, French Ministry of Ecology, World Bank, World Trade Organization, and Council of Water.

Stella Thomas holds two Bachelor Degrees from Michigan State University in the fields of International Relations and Political Science. She holds diplomas in Economics from Cambridge University and The London School of Economics. Stella Thomas also attended the American Graduate School of International Relations & Diplomacy/University of Paris (where she obtained her Master's Degree in Natural Resources (Water) & Conflict Resolution, with a specialty in North Africa and the Middle East) and has completed a Master's Degree at the University of Oxford in Water Science, Policy & Management.
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