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Fondazione Santa Chiara Onlus

Fondazione Santa Chiara Onlus

Santa Chiara Foundation is mostly devoted to old people healthcare and includes several types of services, such as Healthcare Welfare Residence, welcome unit for those who are under vegetative condition or are affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer Unit, temporary relief recovery, Integrated Daytime Centre and Home Help.

Nutrition covers a fundamental role in our action, although it is a controversial topic, it is actually primary care's core element: not only does nutrition involve the nutritional sphere, but it also embeds some aspects connected to the psycho-social sphere. For this reason the existence of a Nutrition System, integrated with the company's organization and cooperating with the inner kitchen service, is considered a strong point in our Foundation.

The attention on a correct nutrition concerns those who are involved in our activities, such as guests, consumers and their relatives, employees and volunteers. The menu for guests and employees has a four-week rotation, according to the seasonality of the courses and it aims to provide affordable but also nourishing food in its microelements, by respecting the ecosystem too.

During the years we have developed and realized sustainable projects, adaptable to different fields.
In 2008 the so-called "traditional local menu" (menù tipico locale) was started, becoming later "My way menu" (menu a modo mio). The starting point of this initiative was to consider food as a cultural fact, indeed the project has allowed the guests to choose the menu of the day once a month, by evoking past traditions and flavor as well.

In 2012 the DVD entitled "Healthy and Tasty" was released, in cooperation with ASL (healthcare local company) in Lodi and under the aegis of the "wellness promotion and lifestyle monitoring" project, which involved guests' relatives and some volunteers in various initiatives, in order to encourage prevention through information meetings, about correct nutrition and through the organization of dinner parties, aiming at balancing taste and correct nutrition.

By joining the WHP network in Lombardy in 2014, we have been promoting some initiatives, with the aim to improve healthcare at the workplace, by stressing the attention on a healthy and correct nutrition, which further led to the implementation of a "colour code", linking a color with a specific nutrient and providing the criteria to combine the different food types. On that occasion a food education course was carried on and was addressed to the employees of the facility.

This year, thanks to the collaboration with the Health Visitor Service, we have been developing a project, which aims to prevent and nurse malnutrition and dehydration, affecting the patients at home.

A brochure is supposed to be provided after the evaluation of the patients' state of nutrition, that indicates and suggests how to give nutrients and hydrate the patient in a correct way, where difficult and controversial cases occur.

By considering the attention on nutrition and of the several projects promoted so far and those under development, Santa Chiara Foundation in Lodi supports Milan Protocol.
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