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Milan Protocol



The EPODE International Network (EIN) is a non-for-profit organisation, created in April 2011 and is the largest obesity prevention network in the world. Today, EIN counts 37 programme members in 25 countries dispersed among regional platforms: Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.

The mission of the network is to support organisations that want to implement or that are already implementing Community-Based Programmes based on the EPODE methodology for obesity and non-communicable disease prevention through sustainable, multifactorial strategies and the promotion of healthier lifestyles.

With this in mind, the objective of EIN is to optimize the effectiveness of obesity prevention programmes around the world by:

- Advocating for increased political attention to obesity prevention
- Encouraging expansion of the scientific evidence base relating to obesity prevention
- Facilitating information sharing between programmes
- Generating global visibility for the EPODE approach and the members of EIN
- Fostering links between relevant stakeholders across the public and private sectors

EIN provides broad-based support to individual programmes to assist them in scaling up their initiatives to a community-based approach based on the EPODE methodology.

The EPODE International Network endorses the Milan Protocol, supporting its objective and joining it in its mission to increase visibility and awareness among political leaders for the food and nutrition challenges that we face globally today.

EPODE International Network joins the BCFN Foundation in its mission to promote healthy lifestyles and fight obesity.
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