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Milan Protocol



Edenred is the main crossroads between supply and demand in the lunch break in Italy: more than 150,000 members and 1.5 million people have lunch, every day, with Ticket Restaurant®. Then Edenred chooses to act as a sounding board at the stakeholders so that the phenomenon of food waste can be reduced or even turn into a resource. For this reason, Edenred has turned to "Banco Alimentare", putting at the disposal of the partners the communication channels to promote the program Siticibo on the one hand, and the collection of funds for "Banco Alimentare" on the other hand.
The program Siticibo was born in Milan in 2003, under the "Law of the Good Samaritan" and aims to retrieve the food in catering organized. The initiative allows you to retrieve the food already cooked and not consumed and deliver it in a few hours to several charities, where the need is most urgent, thanks to the work of volunteers.

Thanks to the partnership between Edenred and Siticibo, restaurateurs affiliated to the Ticket restaurant® can donate their surplus food to charitable organizations.

The program "Siticibo" remains the "flagship" of 'anti-waste' everyday, which in 2013 allowed to recover globally by the whole food chain 71.5 million kg of food and redistribute it to whoever helps 1,800.000 poor in Italy, food that would inevitably be thrown away. Already in 2013, the project has achieved considerable results, coming to recover and then distribute 309 tons of bread and fruit and a total of 790 912 meals, that is cooked food.

In 2009, Edenred has coordinated the international program "FOOD" (Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand), supported and co-funded by the European Commission, to address the problem of obesity through balanced nutrition.
Today Edenred with the "Pausa Mediterranea" by FOOD is the first Italian company to promote a culture of healthy diet in lunch break according to the principles of the Mediterranean diet, in order to encourage the consumption of a meal meridian proper and satisfactory, in respect of the Mediterranean tradition.

The project offers to Ticket Restaurant® customers:

• Access to a network of restaurants with dedicated offering of balanced meals;
• Web content, updates and digital tools on the topic of healthy eating (website, newsletter, surveys);
• Initiatives dedicated to the theme of healthy food at lunch (food workshops, cooking shows, seminars with nutritionists)
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