Practical solutions for the food paradoxes.

Milan Protocol

Costa Crociere

Costa Crociere

As a global cruise operator, Costa Cruises brings together people, economies and cultures and has a positive impact on the economic and social development of the communities with which it interacts.

The fact that Costa Cruises is a signatory to the Milan Protocol is a reflection of our commitment to guaranteeing tangible support for efforts to reduce food waste and raise awareness among guests and crew members of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

We have worked systematically to revise our food preparation processes and menus in order to provide culinary offerings on board that not only cater to a wide range of tastes but – above all – are also healthy from the nutritional point of view.

Sustainable management of the supply chain means that, whenever possible, we prefer to use local suppliers of fresh food and water, as part of a general approach aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our operations.

Another aspect of this approach is our commitment to engaging our guests, encouraging them to develop greater awareness and become more proactive when it comes to healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

Accordingly, Costa Cruises will continue to work to promote on board the ships in its fleet a sustainable food model encapsulating the key components of the vacation: healthy living, wellbeing, pleasure and culinary experience.
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