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Comune di Formigine

Comune di Formigine

The Comune di Formigine (municipality) is a local public body that manages more than 34.000 inhabitants in Emilia-Romagna Region (North of Italy). The services managed and offered to the population are several: registry, primary school, public green areas, social assistance, maintenance of public buildings, cemeteries, etc.

In trying to put across the particular spirit of Formigine, perhaps it is easier to say what Formigine is not: it is not the town of motorcars, due to the Mayor of Formigine in 1943 who put paid to Enzo Ferrari's plans to build his factory here; neither is it the town of ceramics, due to specific choices taken in the past which moved away from the aggressive exploitation of the natural resources. On the other hand, we can say that Formigine is a città VIVA – a living town.

"VIVA" in this case is also an acronym that stands for Verde (Green), not only in the light of the great number of parks and green areas, but also for its development of so-called "low impact" mobility, with a network of cycle and footpaths that make sustainable transport a viable option.

"VIVA" because it is Innovativa (Innovative), as shown by its cutting-edge production in fields that range from light engineering, electronics, chemicals, retail, agriculture and breeding (which today include organic farming techniques) and because of its network of services for citizens which provide everyone with a respectable quality of life.

"VIVA" because it is Vitale (Lively), as shown by the wide range of sports, recreational and cultural events on offer, especially now that the castle has been reopened to the public.

Lastly, "VIVA" because it is Aperta (Open) to the new needs of a changing community, to the ongoing consultation and collaboration with the more than 100 associations to be found across the territory, as well as to its youth.
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