Cerealia supports the Protocol of Milan, in particular for everything will be done to reconcile environmental sustainability with economic growth and well-being, breaking the current legal between economic development and environmental degradation, and doing more with less. Because the relationship between human beings, the planet and the food should always be at the center of our attention, we will support and endorse everything will be done in terms of reducing food waste, for the dissemination and promotion of sustainable agriculture, for the education and training to the choice of a healthy lifestyle, to claim a model of sustainable production and consumption, able to reconcile the Mother Earth with the well-being of all its inhabitants. To that end, we welcome all actions to disseminate information, research programs and good practice.


Cerealia is an event dedicated to all the grains, as was in the rituals of ancient Rome dedicated to Ceres and Vesta. It takes place on the occasion of the feast of Vestalia and pistores (bakers), in Rome and other Italian cities. Culture, food, environment, territory, society, economy and tourism are the issues addressed by the festival, through various activities, such as round tables, meetings, performances, food tastings, guided tours, exhibitions and workshops. Cerealia is an international event with a particular focus on the Mediterranean and, in order to enhance the intercultural exchange, each year is dedicated to a different country. Cerealia has received the patronage of the Expo Milano 2015.
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