Barry M. Popkin

The goals and aims are one with which I am in complete accordance. I wish to specifically focus on the high levels of animal source foods the higher income countries consume and their effects on climate, water use and global food supply. As for lifestyle shifts, these are affecting both the rich and the poor globally. And related is the vast shift among retailers and food manufacturers to unfettered marketing and promotion of an increasingly processed food supply laden with fat, sugar, sodium and refined carbohydrates. This is reaching the poor globally as a cheap source of calories that will only exacerbate all the global nutrition-related problems and few nations are taking any strong actions against this movement.

We study intensely both in the US and globally the changing food supply, programs and policies to shift it, and its relationships with human health. Most specifically our unique focus is on understanding many of the factors driving shifts in diets and food purchasing behavior and understanding ina most detailed way how diets are shifting across both the US and low and middle income countries. We use a combination of data we collect repeatedly from many low and middle income countries as well as use of commercial data on daily detailed food purchases of hundreds of thousands of households.
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