Practical solutions for the food paradoxes.

Milan Protocol

Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte

Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte

Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte is a cultural association, placed in Milan, founded in 1996 by the sculptor topylabrys.

Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte is a cultural association where Artists develop ideas about environmental and nutrion themes.

The Association moves and expands a series of initiatives making them available to Art Galleries, Restaurants, Cultural Areas, Istitutions, and Business that want empower their message through a variety of different codes endowed with a big communication potential.

The aim of Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte's projects is to entrust artists'creativity with the task of searching for different and innovative ways which can tickle the interest of a public eager to approaching to the world of Art, Food and Communication.

By promoting research, sinergies and contacts between various fields, the Association tries to communicate the historical meaning of food and to link the business world to pure imagination and poetry typicals of the sensitive artistic world.

For this reason, Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte is especially involved in the issues rised by the Milan Protocol. Thanks to this document the activities of our Association can be part of a mayor body of actions, each of them pursuing the mission which is at the basis of Arte da mangiare mangiare Arte's philosophy. In this way we will contribute to cause a considerable stir about the Milan Protocol.

Arte da Mangiare Mangiare Arte characterises itself as a "movement" in the strictest sense of the word.
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