Accademia Nazionale di Agricoltura

The National Academy for Agricolture (Accademia Nazionale di Agricoltura) was founded in Bologna in 1807, on the initiative of agronomer Count Filippo Re under the name of Agrarian Society of the Reno Department (Società Agraria del Dipartimento del Reno). Its aim was "to promote practices and methods of cultivation useful to agriculture". Members of the Society were "citizens personally committed to the amelioration of Bolognese agriculture" in a territorial context that went beyond Bologna. The Society became an important center of technical and agricultural improvement that was known beyond local boundaries.

In 1839 the Bologna Provincial Government granted the Society a fixed yearly sum in addition to the income from the "Belpoggio" farm assigned to it by Napoleon's government at the time of its founding. In 1840 the Bologna city government destined the "Cubiculum Legistarum" room or "Room of the University of Jurists" (Stanza dell'Università dei Giuristi) as the Society seat in the prestigious Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio. In 1938 the Society took on the name of Academy of Agriculture (Accademia dell'Agricoltura) to which the title "Royal" was added in 1940.

The dramatic consequences of World War II were over at the beginning of the '60s under the Chairmanship of Giuseppe Medici, when the academic seat was reinstated in the Archiginnasio "Cubiculum Artistarum" restored thanks to a grant from Cassa di Risparmio di Bologna bank and Istituto Regionale di Credito Agrario. At the same time the Academy was granted the title "National". Its Academic body having being reinstated, the Society promoted colloquiums and debates again, and organized research on topics of the utmost importance to Italian agrarian techniques and economy, many of them under the aegis of public Departments and Divisions (Ministero dell'Agricoltura, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, etc.). As of today the Academy is a most lively cultural institute in the field of scientific and technical assistance to Italian agriculture.

The Accademia dell'Agricoltura headquarters are in Bologna, Via Castiglione 11. Cubiculum Artistarum is the Accademia seat for lectures, symposia and all events.
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