Food Sustainability Media Award - A prize for journalistic excellence.

Food Sustainability Media Award

The Food Sustainability Media Award project is currently under evaluation.
Stay tuned for updates in the coming months


The role of the media is crucial for raising public awareness about the importance of issues concerning food sustainability.

For this reason, the BCFN Foundation and the Thomson Reuters Foundation launched the  Food Sustainability Media Awardan international contest that recognizes journalistic excellence in reporting on food from a different perspective and turning the spotlight on food sustainability.

The winners of the second edition of the contest were announced in November 2018, at the 9th International Forum on Food and Nutrition.

The media report on food sustainability


At the 2018 edition of the Food Sustainability Media Award, written and multimedia (photography, audio and video) journalistic content was divided into two categories: unpublished and already published.

All candidates interpreted one or more aspects of the global food crisis, looking at it from a new perspective, the three paradoxes of our food system:

  • Hunger vs Obesity: there are two obese or overweight people to every undernourished person in the world
  • Food vs Fuel: one third of the world's cereal crops are used to produce animal feed or biofuels, while they could be used to combat malnutrition
  • Waste vs Starvation: 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year, that is four times the amount it would take to feed the 815 million people suffering from hunger worldwide.


jury of experts awarded the winners of each category on the stage of the 9th International Forum on Food and Nutrition. Published projects will be awarded a cash prize of € 10,000, while the authors of unpublished projects will have the opportunity to participate free of charge in a  training course on food sustainability organized by the Thompson Reuters Foundation.

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