Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future.

Eating Planet

Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future

The BCFN Foundation presents the second edition of Eating Planet, a book which gives a snapshot of the current situation of the key issues related to food and nutrition, from an environmental and food sustainability standpoint.

Three years after the first edition, this volume discusses the progress made in terms of analysis and practical proposals, with significant contributions from a multidisciplinary scientific team and a focus on the role and ideas of the younger generation, who will inherit the planet.

Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future.
Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future.

The new edition, published by Edizioni Ambiente, is entitled “Eating Planet. Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future” and sets out an alternative development model, constantly focusing on the connection between the wellbeing of people and the planet.

World experts and leading figures contributed to this edition of Eating Planet, including Pavan Sukhdev, Gianfranco Bologna, Barbara Buchner, Paolo De Castro, Danielle Nierenberg, Paul Roberts, Carlo Petrini, Riccardo Valentini, Hans R. Herren, Tony Allan, Ricardo Uauy, Sara Farnetti, Camillo Ricordi, Gabriele Riccardi, Marion Nestle, Aviva Must, Alexandre Kalache, Shimon Peres, Jamie Oliver, Ellen Gustafson, Michael Heasman and Vandana Shiva.

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Eating Planet has been very warmly received and has fuelled the debate on the relationship between food and sustainability, involving citizens and experts in Italy and around the world.

“Eating Planet. Food and Sustainability: Building Our Future” is available in Italian bookshops and a selection of stores around the world.

You can buy it online now, and it is also available in e-book format.

Eating Planet

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