If we look at the global food system, we can see the three great food paradoxes of our time: while we have a high number of people with no access to food, a third of the world’s food production is used as animal feed and an increasing percentage of agricultural land is dedicated to the production of biofuels to power automobiles. And faced with approximately one billion people on the Planet who suffer from hunger or malnutrition, around 2.1 billion suffer from the consequences of too much food, increasing the risk of diabetes, tumours and cardiovascular diseases; lastly, each year a third of global food production is wasted, a quantity sufficient to feed nearly a billion people who suffer from hunger or malnutrition. It is clear that in light of these paradoxes, there is a need for urgent reflection on how waste can be reduced, human nutrition can be improved and make the right to food stronger and more secure. At the same time, there is an urgent need to reduce the impact agriculture has on global warming, as well as redesign the entire global agricultural system.
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The BCFN Foundation and the paradoxes in the food system


The double food and environmental pyramid developed by BCFN Foundation demonstrates a direct relationship between the nutritional aspects of foods and the environmental impact created in the production stage and when they are consumed. This means that our daily food choices not only affect our health, but also the health of our Planet. In fact, it has also become clear that foods which have less impact on the environment are the ones nutritionists say should be eaten in greater quantities, while those with a greater environmental footprint should be consumed in moderation. Based on this important discovery, BCFN Foundation set the objective of showing institutions and consumers that healthy eating habits have a positive effect on health and the environment.
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The BCFN Foundation’s food and environment double pyramid
Eating Planet. Food and sustainability: building our future

eating Planet

“Eating Planet. Food and sustainability: Building our Future”, now in its second edition, is the product of research and analysis, investigations and reflections on food as an overarching element in our daily lives: from the economy to health, from sustainability to traditions. Eating Planet, written with contributions from a panel of internationally-renowned experts, looks at the latest debates and findings, offering an alternative development model, constantly connecting the well-being of people and the Planet.
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National and international organisations, institutions, experts and opinion leaders came together during Expo 2015, to sign the Milan Protocol. The document offers practical proposals to the main paradoxes in the current food system, bringing citizens, economic stakeholders and institutions together to address the issue of sustainable food. The Milan Protocol promotes healthy lifestyles to fight famine and obesity, sustainable agriculture and a 50% reduction in food waste by 2020.
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youth manifesto

The Youth Manifesto is a document drawn up by young researchers of the BCFN Foundation from all over the world.
The Youth Manifesto is the document written by the young researchers of the BCFN Foundation
The Youth Manifesto is the document written by the young researchers of the BCFN Foundation
It contains seven workable proposals for taking on the challenge presented by the paradoxes in the food system, identifying seven key roles within it: policy makers, farmers, activists, educators, the food industry, journalists and researchers.
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Thanks to the involvement of experts in the scientific, economic, social and environmental fields both in Italy and around the world, the BCFN Foundation releases its own analysis and research in publications which are available to everyone – from an academic audience to the wider general public. They set out new solutions in the fields of food and nutrition, health and well-being, agriculture and sustainability.
BCFN Foundation - Food People and Planet


In collaboration with the Foundation for Financial Education and Saving (FEDUF - Fondazione per l'Educazione finanziaria e al Risparmio), the BCFN Foundation has created a teaching programme for schools of every type and level called “Let’s save the Planet”. The programme, launched at Expo 2015, is structured into 4 modules from classroom study: How to become sustainable citizens and why; people, food and the Planet; business and sustainability; and sustainability in finance. The programme is currently available for Italy only.
The BCFN Foundation promotes the “Save our Planet” project
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