Digitising Agrifood

Digitising Agrifood

Digitising Agrifood

Pathways and challenges

Agrifood systems are both drivers and victims of climate change, loss of biodiversity, excess use of natural resources, as well as poverty and malnutrition.

Against this context, the present report "Digitising Agrifood", developed by Centre for European Policy Studies and Barilla Foundation, seeks to explore the role of the applications of digital technologies to achieve a great transformation in Agrifood chains and to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

The report first illustrates the emergence of new digital technologies, which will revolutionise our society and economy in the near future, including the AgriFood sector.

Digitalizzare l'Agrifood

Key use cases are provided such as how Wireless connectivity, the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence are used to increase yields in agriculture, reduce food waste, and change consumption patterns towards healthy diets.

The report also addresses challenges of applying digital technologies related to energy consumption, electronic waste, market concentration and job automation.

Finally, ten comprehensive and concrete recommendations are made for future AgriFood policies, from deploying technologies and data governance to empowering farmers and end users, with the emphasis on the crucial role played by European Union within its regions and at global level.

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New digital technologies, which will revolutionise our society and economy

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