What materials do I have to submit to apply?

In order to apply for the BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition, please compile all fields and submit a three page research proposal, a motivation letter and two recommendation letters. Certification of your PhD enrollment is also required. More details can be found in the registration section. To create an application profile, please click on “Registration”. All applications must be sent through the online section; applications sent by email will not be accepted.

What kind of educational background is required to apply?

The BCFN YES! Welcomes applicants from any educational background and nationality. The BCFN strongly encourages the application of multi-disciplinary and multi-national research teams. Applicants, and all members of a team, must have enrolled in a PhD program from January 1st, 2012. The PhD program can be on-going or concluded. Teams can include up to 3 members.

Is there an age limit?

All applicants and all members of a team must be under 35 years of age at the date of December November 28th, 2018.

What are the research project areas?

The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition encourages the submission research projects that contribute to the sustainability of the food system. Research proposals must be in one or more fields: Sustainable and healthy dietary patterns; Sustainable agriculture; Food security. You may consult the abstracts of the previous finalist projects.

Can I submit a research proposal outside the research topics listed above?

The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition offers the opportunity to put into action concrete proposals that will have the objective of making more sustainable the agri-food system (in terms of environmental, social, health and/or economic aspects) and coherent with the BCFN research projects. Please evaluate the coherence of your research proposal by consulting BCFN projects: the Double Pyramid 2016, the Food Sustainability Index and Food & Migration.

Who is part of the BCFN YES Jury?

The BCFN Foundation will evaluate the proposals with the assistance of external experts in specific sectors. Please find the members of the 2017 Jury listed at the bottom of the page. In the final round at the BCFN International Forum, the BCFN Jury includes the BCFN Advisory. Board members.

Does the BCFN Foundation retain intellectual property?

The BCFN Foundation does not retain or own any exploitation rights to any intellectual property developed under the BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition by the Participants, made exception for the right of BCFN to publish and spread the research proposal, always with explicit citation of the author, by any means and support and without any territorial or time limitation, for the purposes connected to the present initiative and for its institutional purposes, with exclusion of any commercial exploitation of the same.

Can I apply if I am already receiving funding for my research?

It is possible to apply with a research project that is already being founded. The applicant must provide details of requested/received sources of support for the research project, or plans to apply for other funding sources in the future.

How much time does the research grant cover?

The 20,000 Euro funding shall be applied to a one-year investigation.

How is the founding for research delivered?

The first tranche of 10,000 Euros is awarded after the winning ceremony on November 2018. The second 10,000 Euros tranche will be awarded the BCFN Advisory Board evaluates the research progress in July 2019. Winners will be required to submit biannual reports.

Are there participation costs?

Participation in BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition is completely free of charge.

How and how many finalists are selected?

The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition Jury will select up to ten finalist teams. The Jury reserves the right to select no winning proposal if in its judgment none of the proposals are considered satisfactory in relation to the mission and requirements herein stated. Finalists will be selected and contacted by email or phone on September 2018. Finalists are selected based on the significance and the design of the research, consistency with the BCFN Foundation’s mission, budget allocation and timeline, as well as expected outcomes, impact and innovation.

What does becoming a finalist entitle to?

The BCFN Foundation will invite all finalists to present their project at the BCFN International Forum that will take place on November 27th and 28th, 2018. Presentations will take place according to a format chosen by BCFN, which will provide mentoring and coaching services before the event. In this occasion, a maximum of three winners will be selected by the Jury and awarded. The BCFN will cover travel and lodging expenses for the entire duration of the International Forum for each of the finalists, whether individual or teams. All finalists will become part of the Alumni Group, where they can continue to dedicate their efforts toward research and raise awareness on food sustainability.

Who can I contact for information and help?

For inquiries regarding the contest phases and application material please contact bcfnyes@barillacfn.com
For technical issues with the online section please contact hd-bcfn@gag.it
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