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BCFN YES! 2017

Sustainable development is our challenge

Since the very first edition, BCFN YES! has embodied the identity and the ambition of the BCFN Foundation. Indeed, it brings together young people from around the world, with different disciplinary approaches, and invites them to come up with practical projects to create a better balance between food sustainability and environmental sustainability.

The goal of the contest is to find solutions to the food paradoxes, through innovative, practical and multi-disciplinary ideas.

BCFN YES! 2017

The 2017 edition of BCFN YES! (Young Earth Solutions) once again lays down a challenge for young PhD students and post-doc researchers from around the world, inviting them to come up with innovative projects in the field of food sustainability.

The new feature of this edition is the prize on offer: a research grant of €20,000 for one year which this time will be awarded to a maximum of three winning projects.

Like every year, the finalists will be presented at the International Forum on Food and Nutrition, and it is at this event, in front of a collection of experts, that the winner will be announced.

Shortlisted projects


Maternal and child nutrition among refugees and host communities in Greater Beirut, Lebanon: A focus on anemia
Joana Abou Rizk


Appropriate Information Technologies for Agricultural Sustainability (AITAS)
Christian Andres

United States

Using Forests to Support Nutrition During Times of Drought: A Multinational Social-Ecological Analysis
Matthew Cooper


Pollution to Production: An environmental remediation approach for biogas production under cowpea cultivation.
Ikoko Chioma Bella


Towards desired food systems: A community visioning approach
Leon Gwaka


Overcoming the obsolete opposition between formal and informal seed systems: toward the necessary coherence of West Africa seed legislations
Morgane Leclercq


CDC - Climate and Diet Change: The Role of International Law
Giovanni Sciaccaluga


Effects of Domestic Market Institutions on Third-Party Certification Programs and Attendant Impacts on Intermediary Buyers and Smallholders
Ebenezer Offei Ansah


Addressing the Regional Food Security Issues: The Small Island Ecosystem Stability and Food Security Nexus
Edgar Jr Reyes


Laura Garzoli

Jury BCFN YES! 2017

BCFN YES! 2017 - Roberta Sonnino Alexandra Johnstone
University of Aberdeen
BCFN YES! 2017 - Oliver Oliveros Oliver Oliveros
Agropolis Fondation
BCFN YES! 2017 - Francesca Scazzina Francesca Scazzina
Università di Parma
BCFN YES! 2017 - Francesco Visioli Francesco Visioli
Università di Padova
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