A group of young, international Research Fellows committed to promoting sustainability.


How the Alumni are selected

The BCFN Foundation Alumni are young Research Fellows who, each year, reach the finals of the BCFN YES! competition. They come from across the world and work in different research areas; what unites them is their interest in and attention to sustainable development, particularly in relation to issues that the BCFN Foundation works on, namely food, nutrition, food security, and food and environmental sustainability.

Who are the Alumni?

Who are the Alumni?

The BCFN Foundation Alumni are a multidisciplinary and multicultural group with very diverse cultural backgrounds and fields of study. This is the strength of the BCFN Foundation Alumni: their ability to offer different approaches to the topic of sustainability and their desire to contribute with ideas, projects and concrete actions to build a more sustainable food system for both the people and the planet.

How the Alumni work

The BCFN Foundation Alumni push forward the values and issues related to food sustainability. They organise and participate in events in their home countries, are contributors to the BCFN Foundation's online magazine and together make up an international network which allows them to develop new partnerships and synergies related to agri-food sustainability.

They helped draft the Youth Manifesto which proposes seven operational measures to tackle the challenge of food paradoxes, by playing seven key roles in the system: policy makers, farmers, activists, educators, the food industry, journalists and researchers.

How the Alumni work


The BCFN Foundation Alumni are in constant communication with research groups and other institutions engaged in promoting food sustainability and the active role new generations must play in society.

This allows the Alumni to access research data and share results, projects and good practices, all of which help develop an agri-food system aimed at sustainable development.

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