The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition has always given great importance to the role of young researchers and students committed to tackling the current inadequacies of our food systems, and getting actively involved in change. The foundation therefore promotes debate and idea contamination among the young community such as to identify concrete and scalable proposals that can combat the global paradoxes of food, and win the battle for sustainability.

The vast network of partnerships established by the foundation will promote various activities including contests, workshops and online events exclusively for young change makers and their ideas. This period of debate and knowledge sharing will culminate at the next BCFN Forum. The event, held in Milan on the 4th and 5th December 2017, will put young people and their proposals in the limelight, highlighting the important role the new generations play in creating a more sustainable future.

BCFN Foundation - BCFN empowering youth

BCFN Youth Webinars

The BCFN Foundation has decided to organize a series of webinars with the aim of creating a broad discussion among young networks from all around the world, building up to the 8th International Forum on Food and Nutrition.

Issues including the reform of the common agricultural policy, the importance of food policies for the sustainability of food systems and the role of young people in achieving sustainable development will be among those debated by young people for young people. It is a chance for dialogue and discussion to highlight common approaches and practical ideas on extremely topical issues, but it also offers an exclusive opportunity to debate with international experts who will enrich the conversation further with their precious feedback and extensive experience.

Take part in the next webinar on September 21.

Fondazione BCFN - BCFN empowering youth

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017


Igor Kitaev Programme Specialist, Education Unit UNESCO
Danielle Nierenberg - President and Founder of Food Tank
Elena Cadel PhD - BCFN Researcher;


Francesca Allievi - PhD candidate at the University of Turku - Finland, BCFN Researcher;

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BCFN Youth Webinars Archive

MAY 23, 2017


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Student Case Study Competition

The BCFN, Wageningen University & Research (WUR), and the University of Parma strongly encourage young people to take part in the Student Case Study Competition: a contest dedicated to new generations – change makers, individual researchers, teachers or multidisciplinary groups – whose projects, inspired by the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), can promote radical changes to our current agrifood systems.

The project that wins the EAAE 2017 Case Study Competition Prize will be invited to present their idea on the stage of the BCFN’s 8th International Forum to a high-level, multi-disciplinary audience.

Take part and make a difference!

Applications must be submitted by the June 25 2017

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BCFN Foundation - BCFN empowering youth


In collaboration with the University of Siena and the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, the BCFN Foundation is promoting the Millennials Lab 2017 – a workshop enhancing the role of Millennials in finding practical solutions for making food systems more sustainable.

The common agricultural policy, the impact of agricultural systems on the planet, and the link between food and land use are just some of the areas which the young people will be researching during their working sessions, highlighting the importance of the new generation in exploring new ways of bringing about a paradigm shift in the agro-food sector.

The results of the work will be presented during the Festival, to be held in October 2017.

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Fondazione BCFN - BCFN empowering youth
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