International scientists and experts for a new food sustainability.



The BCFN Foundation relies on a high-profile team to tackle the issue of sustainability with authority and expertise. In every position within the administrative, organisational and research divisions of the BCFN Foundation are professionals who stand out for their dedication to and experience with tackling complex problems concerning the relationship between food, nutrition and the health of people and the planet.

Board of Directors

Guido Barilla President
Paolo Barilla Vicepresident
Luca Virginio Vicepresident
Roberto Ciati
Paolo De Castro
Alberto Grando
Carlo Petrini
Lucio Riva
Anna Ruggerini

Board of Auditors

Luigi Capitani
Claudio Marchignoli
Alberto Pizzi

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a multidisciplinary body composed of scientists and internationally renowned experts of different and complementary disciplines related to Food, Nutrition and Sustainability.

Their role is to:

  • supervise the activities of the Foundation
  • provide recommendations
  • Provide support and advice to existing program(s)
  • Assist in the development of new programs
  • Identify best practice and standards
  • Serve as ambassadors of the BCFN
  • Facilitate the identification and involvement of third parties.

The Advisory Board is an independent body that operates autonomously for the development of analyses and considerations.

It acts according to the principle of knowledge sharing, in order to widen scientific and analytical debate;

It gathers excellence and catalyses the best international thoughts in the social, medical-scientific, environmental and economic fields.

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