We live in a Planet characterised by food imbalance and we feel the moral need to suggest directions and proposals such as to act responsibly towards food, nutrition and sustainability.
The BCFN Foundation for sustainable agriculture
The BCFN Foundation for informed food choices
The Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation (BCFN Foundation) is a private non-profit apolitical institution. Working as a multidisciplinary and independent think tank, it is open to everybody and analyses the cause and effect relationship economic, scientific, social and environmental factors have on food. The foundation produces valuable scientific content that can be used to inform and help people to make conscious choices every day about food and nutrition, health and sustainability.


The BCFN Foundation promotes an open dialogue between Science, Politics, Business and Society to push the big topics relating to food, nutrition, wellbeing and the health of our Planet into the agendas of national and international opinion leaders and decision makers.
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The BCFN Foundation promotes collaboration


Board of Directors

Guido Barilla President
Paolo Barilla Vice President
Luca Virginio Vice President
Roberto Ciati
Paolo De Castro
Alberto Grando
Carlo Petrini
Lucio Riva
Anna Ruggerini

Board of Auditors

Luigi Capitani
Claudio Marchignoli
Alberto Pizzi

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a multidisciplinary body composed of scientists and internationally renowned experts working in different yet complementary sectors whose task is to:

  • propose and develop topics and analyses that will be subject to investigation;
  • develop concrete recommendations;
  • identify and involve external experts, research centres, universities.

The Advisory Board is an independent body that operates autonomously from the development of analyses and considerations;

it acts according to the principle of sharing such as to make the scientific and analytical debate as wide as possible and thus accessible to anyone wanting to contribute ideas and proposals;

it gathers excellence and catalyses the best international thought coming out of the social, medical-scientific, environmental and economic fields.


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