The Japanese government approved a few years ago the “Metabo Law” in order to prevent the risk of a general obesity increase. This law refers to a set of guidelines requiring local governments and employers to conduct mandatory annual examinations and affect people between 40 and 74. If they exceed the maximum waistline measurements (85cm for men, 90cm for women), they are directed towards counselling. The fixed goal is the 25% obesity reduction by 2015.

One of the unmistakable signs of the opulence reached by the Chinese society are the restaurant tables, always rich and laid as banquets. The high consumption of food tends however to become waste more and more frequently: the “Clean your plate” organization was conceived exactly in order to sensitize both restaurants owners and customers on this topic.

The German Internet platform: foodsharing.de is an effective and simultaneously, creative answer to the problem of the food waste. It is a community that connects individuals, traders and manufacturers, giving them the opportunity to offer or collect excess food instead of throwing it away. The pick up and the delivery are guaranteed by efficient bike delivery service, which covers all the towns that join the project.

The economic development in China has caused a general and at the same time, not a very regulated access to food. In the last year, in fact, the obesity rate, especially among young people, has dramatically increased, creating the need for a new profession: the nutritionist.

In the Republic of Congo about 500.000 hectares of land are being grabbed by western corporations with speculative and energy aims. Thousands of farmers and many rural communities are rudely removed from their own native lands, the access to food, that they had always cultivated and produced, is now compromised if not totally denied. Video produced by Terra Nuova for EuropAfrica campaign.

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