Nutrition today: A challenge for mankind and the Planet

The paradoxes of the global food system, the cultural value of food, production and consumption trends, the effects of food on health, and the environment, are some of the focus areas of Eating Planet, the first global report on food and nutrition from the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition, in collaboration with the Worldwatch Institute. The book is divided into four areas that the BCFN has developed within its research activity (access to food, food and sustainable development, food and health, and food and culture). A body of research, analysis and review that tries to address some of the most pressing global questions:
  • Are we able to produce food for all inhabitants of Earth and to equitably distribute it?
  • Is it possible to make the agri-food sector more sustainable to protect the environment and save resources?
  • What are good rules for a sustainable diet that helps maintain long-term health?
  • Is it possible to rediscover the ingredients inherent in culinary traditions, such as the Mediterranean diet, to eat in a healthy, balanced, and convivial manner?

The solutions

The analysis of problems and a discussion of possible solutions is enriched by the contribution of experts and well respected personalities: Tony Allan, Ellen Gustafson, Michael Heasman, Hans Herren, Alex Kalache, Mario Monti, Aviva Must, Joaquìn Navarro-Valls, Marion Nestle, Danielle Nierenberg, Raj Patel, Shimon Peres, Carlo Petrini, Paul Roberts, Vandana Shiva, and Ricardo Uauy.

The mission

With this first international report, BCFN presents an original analysis on current trends and future perspectives in the food system.